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"EHR Data Integration?  Simple in Theory, Complex in Reality"

Data Harmonization and Privacy Management at the Edge.  Manage and integrate diverse data sets directly within your infrastructure using CPLabs' Layered Schema Architecture (LSA) solution. Prepare your data for integration and AI, enhanced by precise privacy controls ensuring both compliance and security.

Regulatory Affairs and Compliance leaders:

Challenged by regulatory complexity? Discover our innovative approach to streamline compliance.
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For IT Leaders:

Dealing with data harmonization and interoperability complexities?  Want to streamline implementation?
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Our Technology

Data harmonization (the process of unifying different data formats, dimensions, units, coding systems) takes 80% of integration efforts. This relies on tribal knowledge, and results in a lenghty integration process with lots of custom code that can rarely be reused.

Our platform provides reusable semantic layers to harmonize, transform, and tag data within an existing data infrastructure. Harmonized data can then be stored in relational or graph databases to be used by care providers, and in analytics and AI applications.

Harmonized data can also be shared with partners using real-time privacy filters based on granular user consent.

Use Cases

Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence Organizations

Reduce integration time for new data sources from months to days.


Data Exchange Across Multiple Business Domains

Enable privacy-preserving standard agonistic data sharing between businesses in different domains, such as healthcare, social services, or finance.


Health Data Exchange, Clinical Trials, And Research

Capture granular consent with a multi-lingual user interface. Streamline data exchange with real-time privacy filters based on granular consent.


Mobile and Web Applications

Offload consent user interface, data transformations, and real-time data filtering using components that work within the host application network.

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