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With ConsentGrid® our streamlined, granular privacy management platform we have simplified data sharing and integration.  Our platform offers universal regulatory compliance with a user-friendly interface with privileged data never leaving your environment. 

Streamline Data Sharing while Protecting Sensitive Information

Regulatory Affairs Leaders prefer Consent Grid:

Empower Control: ConsentGrid® ensures your institution maintains complete control over sensitive data, ensuring only shared selections leave the system.

Consent Simplified: Streamline the intricacies of consent management, providing a transparent privacy portal tailored for end-users.

Institutional Trust: With real-time data filtering, ConsentGrid® bolsters institutional credibility by prioritizing data privacy and user choice.

Integrated Privacy: Easily meld ConsentGrid® into your existing systems using APIs, ensuring seamless privacy management without the overhaul.

Guardian of Sensitive Data: By storing only consent information and running data filtration services in-network, sensitive data remains securely with host applications.

Harmonization Partner: Beyond just consent,  Curator act as a universal translator, integrating and harmonizing diverse data for better data integration

Contact us:

083 230 9633

KW 32, Kalkheuvel West, Lanseria, 1730

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